Tomato Soup with sour cream, homemade bread and garlic butter 6,70
Curry Soup with stripes of chicken breast, homemade bread and garlic butter 6,90
Spring Onion Soup with fresh scampi, homemade bread and garlic butter 9,80

Vegetarian food:

Homemade, butter fried bread dumplings on mushroom sauce, seasoned with thyme and roemary, served with salad 13,00
White ribbon noodles swung in tomato Pesto and french sheep's cheese, served with salad 16,30


Large mixed salad<br />served with home baked bread and whipped garlic butter 9,50
Large mixed salad with fried steaks of lamb<br />and garlic-onions, served with home baked bread and whipped garlic butter 19,80
Kernel plate of salad<br />stripes of fried fillet of pok, roasted pine-, pumpkin-, and sunflower seeds on salad of the season, served with home baked bread and whipped garlic butter 17,50
Chefs Salad<br />with roasted turkey breast, garlic scampi, french sheep's cheese and parmesan shavings, served with home-baked bread and whipped garlic butter 17,80

Kiddies dishes:

Hot Dog<br />with pickled slices of cucumber and fried onions, french fries 5,90


Pan fried North Sea plaice<br />with boiled parsley potatoes, melted butter and salad 20,50
North Sea plaice pan fried with garlic and mushrooms<br />boiled parsley potatoes, melted butter and salad 20,80
North Sea plaice pan fried with bacon<br />boiled parsley potatoes, melted butter and salad 20,80
Filet of wels catfish in crispy batter,<br />pan fried in olive oil, with mushrooms and herbs<br />buttered potatoes and salad 18,40
Filet of redfish pan fried in butter on ribbon noodles,<br />with french sheep's cheese in cream sauce,<br />served with salad 20,00
Saithe baked in cocos<br />with mediterran vegetables on curry risotto, salad 20,00
Fillet of saithe in egg batter, <br />with home made tartar sauce, fried potatoes and salad 17,30
Redfish, wels catfish and saithe<br />steamed in white wine sauce<br />served with potatoes and salad 21,20
Redfish, wels catfish and saithe<br />in honey and mustard sauce, with boiled potatoes and salad 21,20
Fried fish pan, redfish, saithe, scampi and mussles in cream sauce, with potatoes and salad 23,90
Scampi fried in olive oil with garlic<br />with black and green olives, pickled fried onions<br />and tomatoes on roasted baguette,<br />served with salad 21,90
Husums cheese fondue<br />with crushed pepper, stripes of turkey breast, garlic scampi, home made baguette and salad 19,40
North Sea mussels in white wine cream,<br />with a lot of garlic and stripes of vegetables on ribbon noodles, served with salad 17,20


alle Burger werden mit Pommes Frites serviert
Fischburger, paniertes Welsfilet
Hähnchenburger, panierte Hähnchenbrust
Rindfleischburger aus 100% Rindfleischhack
Pulled Pork Burger


Chicken breast and salt water prawns<br />glaced with honey, spiced with chilli, horsereddish, garlic and curry, served on roastet baguette, with mixed salad 23,80
Sliced turkey after Zurich-style,<br /> mushrooms and onions in a cream sauce with fried dumplings, served with salad 18,00
Stripes of turkey breast in curry cream sauce<br />with mushrooms and onions, served with rice and salad 18,00
Cross Over<br />chicken breast chinese sweet-sour-hot on, italian ribbon noodles, with salad 17,30
Medaillons of pork roasted in olive oil<br />served on tomato Pesto, mediterranean vegetables<br /> and Parmesan au gratin, rosemary potatoes and salad 26,40
Fried strips of porkt fillet<br />with pine nuts on ribbon noodles, tomatoe concassées and salad 17,60
Jägerschnitzel with mushroom cream sauce, flavoured with thyme and rosemary, served with home made butter fried bread dumplings and salad 17,90
Breaded Schnitzel - escalope of pork<br />with fried potatoes, sauce hollandaise and salad 17,90
Fried lamb hip, with garlic and rosemary sauce,<br />fried potatoes and vegetables of the day 27,70


Rump steak<br />with stewed onions and mushrooms, pan fried potatoes, sauce Hollandaise and salad 26,80
Rump steak in a pepper<br />and mustard crust with honey grape sauce, vegetables of the day and croquettes 26,80
Pepper steak with pepper leek sauce<br />pan fried potatoes and salad 26,60


Ice Orange, homemade vanilla ice cream with orange juice and cointreau 8,40
Pharisäerparfait with whipped cream 6,60
Rote Grütze (red berry compote) wiht bourbon-vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 5,90

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