Cold Drinks:

Selters classic Mineral WaterBl. 0,25 =2,10
Selters classic Mineral WaterBl. 0,75 =5,60
Selters light Mineral WaterBl. 0,25 =2,10
Selters light Mineral WaterBl. 0,75 =5,60
Selters naturell Mineral WaterBl. 0,25 =2,10
Selters naturell Mineral WaterBl. 0,75 =5,60
Coca ColaBl. 0,20 =2,40
Coca Cola0,40 =4,30
Fanta Orange0,20 =2,20
Fanta Orange0,40 =4,30
Sprite0,20 =2,20
Sprite0,40 =4,30
Spezi (Fanta Orange and Coca Cola)0,20 =2,20
Spezi (Fanta Orange and Coca Cola)0,40 =4,30
Coca Cola LightBl. 0,20 =2,40
Schweppes Original Bitter LemonBl. 0,20 =2,90
Schweppes Indian Tonic WaterBl. 0,20 =2,90
Schweppes American Ginger AleBl. 0,20 =2,90
Klindworth Apple Juice0,20 =2,40
Klindworth Orange JuiceBl. 0,20 =2,90
Klindworth Grape JuiceBl. 0,40 =2,90
Apfelsaftschorle (apple juice and mineral water)0,20 =2,20
Apfelsaftschorle (apple juice and mineral water)0,40 =4,30
Rhabarberschorle (rhubarb juice, mineral water)0,20 =2,20
Rhabarberschorle (rhubarb juice, mineral water)0,40 =4,30


pilsener home label0,30 l =2,80
pilsener home label0,40 l =3,70
König draught pilsener0,30 l =3,30
König draught pilsener0,40 l =4,40
König pilsener alcohol freeBl. 0,33 l =3,30
Köstritzer draught dark beer0,30 l =3,30
Köstritzer draught dark beer0,40 l =4,40
Schneider Weisse draught wheat beer0,30 l =2,80
Schneider Weisse draught wheat beer0,50 l =4,60
Schneider Weisse wheat beer alcohol freeBl. 0,50 l =4,70
Alsterwasser (Pilsener and Sprite)0,30 l =3,20
Alsterwasser (Pilsener and Sprite)0,40 l =4,30

Open wine:

Red wine:

2016 Schlosskellerei Affaltrach Württemberg, Haberschlachter Heuchelberg Schwarzriesling, semi dry, sweet cherry flavours, warm, subtle tannins0,2 l =4,80
2014 Achkarrer, Baden Spätburgunder dry, fine burgundy flower, velvety, fullbodied0,2 l =4,90
2015 Tenuta Sassoregale Toskana Sangiovese, dry, wild berries, juicy tannins, aromatic, peppery deepness0,2 l =5,90
2013 Winzer Sommerach Franken "Valentin" Regent, fruity, full flavoured character0,2 l =5,40


2016 Paul Rogenwieser Pfalz , Portugieser Weißherbst, semidry, fruit pointed, uncomplicated0,2 l =3,80

White wine:

2015 Paul Rogenwieser Pfalz, Grüner Silvaner, semidry,aromatical, fine sourness and pleasant residual sweetness0,2 l =3,80
2016 Emil Bauer Pfalz, Sauvignon Blanc, dry, youthful, straightforward, crisp and fruity0,2 l =5,50
2014 Achkarrer Baden, Grauer Burgunder, dry, fine bodied, elegant berry fruit0,2 l =4,50
2016 Winzer Sommerach Franken "Valentin" Bacchus, fruity, with a slight peppernote0,2 l =5,90
2016 Paul Rogenwieser Pfalz, Scheurebe, late vintage sweet, aromatic of exotic fruts and young freshness0,2 l =4,30

Bottle wine:

Red wine bottles:

2014 Elena Walch Alto Adige Merlot, dark ruby, full-bodied and smooth0,75 l =29,80
2014 Wolf Blass Bilyara South Eastern Australia Shiraz, velvety, very soft tannins, strong structure0,75 l =20,30
2015 Barone Ricasoli Toscana Chianti del Barone Ricasoli DOCG, Sangiovese, juicy and fresh, full, soft fruit of cherry and currant notes0,75 l =28,40
2014 Schlosskellerei Affaltrach Württemberg, Affaltracher Salzberg Lemberger Kabinett, dry, strong berry aromas, very substantial0,75 l =18,40
2015 Tenuta Sassoregale Toskana, dry, wild berries, juicy tannins, aromatic, peppery deepness0,75 l =19,90
2016 Winzer Sommerach Franken "Valentin" Regent, fruity, full flavoured character0,75 l =20,20

White wine bottles:

2015 Elena Walch Alto Adige Pinot Grigio, delikate bouquet subtle ripe fruit aromas, balanced, delicately spicy0,75 l =28,00
2014 Ca' Luna Gavi DOCG, Cortese di Gavi, Piemont, fine fruit impression, light pear and apple0,75 l =23,20
2012 Weingut Tesch, Nahe, Riesling Kabinett Trocken Unplugged: clean, untreated, and pleasantly tangy mineral0,75 l =19,60
2016 Emil Bauer, Pfalz, Sauvignon Blanc, youthful, straightforward, crisp and fruity0,75 l18,70
2016 Winzer Sommerach, Pfalz, "Valentin" Bacchus, fruity, with a slight peppernote0,75 l =19,80
2016 Paul Rogenwieser, Pfalz, Scheurebe, late vintage sweet, aromatic of exotic fruits and young freshness0,75 l18,70

Sparkling wine, Prosecco:

sparkling wine, dry Bl. 0,75 l =19,40
sparkling wine, dry 0,1 l =4,90
Prosecco, dryBl. 0,75 l =20,40
Prosecco, dryBl. O,2 l =6,50


Schimmelreiter Spirits:

Hallig Köm2 cl =2,20
Husumer Gold Weinbrand2 cl =2,20
Jamaika Rumverschnitt2 cl =2,30
Friesen Elixier 2 cl =2,30


Martini Bianco5 cl =3,50
Sherry Sandemann Dry Seco5 cl =3,50
Sherry Sandemann Medium Dry5 cl =3,50
Sherry Sandemann Rich Golden5 cl =3,50


Campari2 cl =2,50
Amaretto2 cl =2,50
Cointreau2 cl =3,00
Baileys 2 cl =3,00

Brandy, Cognac:

Remy Martin VSOP 40 %2 cl =4,00
Hennessy very special Cognac2 cl =4,00
Asbach Uralt 2 cl 1,70 €2 cl =2,70


Havanna Club anejo 3 anos2 cl =2,90
Havanna Club anejo 7 anos2 cl =3,70
Bacardi 2 cl 1,70 €2 cl =2,70


Linie Aquavit2 cl =3,20
Jubiläums Aquavit2 cl =3,00


Lagavulin 16 Years Scotch2 cl =5,00
Glenfiddich Single Malt 12 Years Scotch2 cl =4,00
Chivas Regal 12 Years Scotch2 cl =4,00
Jack Daniels Old No.7 Brand Bourbon2 cl =4,00
Southern Comfort 2 cl 2 cl =3,00

Herbal Liqueur:

Jägermeister 2 cl2 cl =2,80
Underberg 2 cl2 cl =2,50
Ramazotti Amaro 2 cl2 cl =2,50
Gammeldansk 2 cl2 cl =2,30

Coffee / tea:

Coffee Variations:

Cup of Coffee 2,10
Espresso 2,20
Capuccino 2,50
Milk Coffee 2,60
Latte Macchiato 2,90
Espresso Coretto - with a hint of Grappa or Amaretto 3,20
Cup of hot chocolate with cream 2,50
Large Cup of hot chocolate with cream 4,30
Pharisäer - Coffee with 4cl Rum and cream 4,40
Tote Tante - hot chocolate with Rum and cream 4,40

Tea Specialities:

Small pot Darjeeling First Flush
Spring Pluck with a lot of white leaf points, fizzy fresh with pale orange cup colour
Small pot Assam Special
strong premium tea from North India, substantial, malty flavour copper red cup colour
Small pot Earl Grey
Premium Ceylon-Darjeeling-China mixture, wetted with aromatic oil of finest bergamots fruits
Small pot green tea China
selected non fermented green tea from Middle Asia, mellow flavour, tender sweet, pleasant harsch mark, luninous yellow cup colour
Small pot summerberries fruit tea
Apple, hibiscus flower, elderberry, rosehip, strawberries and raspberries, refined with vanilla flavouring
Small pot peppermint tea
Espacially aromatic and refreshing are the essential oils rough cutted peppermint leaves
Cup Tea punch - Tea with "De Geele Köm" 3,90

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